Wednesday, 7 March 2012

9 Months!

I can't believe it has been 9 months since the most amazing Monkeyman came into my life!  I love him more everyday! 
It is so much fun to watch his personality really start to come out.  He is a go go go kind of boy.  Loves to smile and laugh and does a super cute squinty eye giggle that melts my heart.
He made it up one stair on his own a few times which is scary!  Not ready for that! He is starting to walk holding onto his toys and furniture- without and with the shoes on! With the shoes on scares me as I worry that he is going to roll his ankle or break an ankle.  I do find he has a bit harder time trying to figure out how to get away from a toy he is standing at when he has the shoes on.  Sometimes I have to rescue him but most the time he can figure it out eventually.  Also might be because he is tired since his shoes go on just before bed.

I think he has a sensitivity to watermelon- he only had it twice.  The first time he ate ALOT and his back went really red and had some rash on his face by his mouth.  The next time he only had a few pieces and he ended up with red where the juice went down his chin and a little bit of a rash.  I am going to eat it by myself and try again in a month or so to see if he still reacts.  It is too bad since he loved it!

Here are some pictures of the little man- I appologize for the number of them- I honestly did narrow it down :)

                                                                Handsome monkey

                                                              Thumb up chillin
                                                          Squinty face :)




                                                             So sweet
                                                             Gonna eat the puppy

                                                                Wow look up there
                                                  Does this make my ears stick out?

                                                                  Playing with his bar

                                                       Happy dude

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