Thursday, 22 March 2012

Busy busy

Well I realize it has been a few weeks since I last posted.  Life is busy around here.  Monkey man never stops!  He is walking around furniture and toys, crawling non stop, and trying to explore everything especially if it isn't his own stuff.  Another thing he is now doing is crawling up the stairs.  He started doing this without his boots/bar on but within a day he has mastered doing it both ways!  There is no stopping that boy!  Needless to say he is very proud of himself as am I and the stairs are a huge magnet now so we go up and down many many times each day!  Have to keep this short as it is almost time to get Monkeyman ready for bed.

Here are a few pictures of the monkeyman's adventures the past few weeks

          Crawling up the stairs with boots/bar- ignore the choice of clothing as he was ready for nap :)

                                                        Climbing on a side coffee table


                                                         Climbing on a toy bucket

Did you notice the climbing theme in the above pictures????

                                                       Trying to get himself some supper

                                                       Cool dude ready for a walk

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  1. Love the pics! Life always gets more interesting when they learn to climb:)