Saturday, 13 June 2015

Doing great!

We finally got to see him 3 1/2 hours after I left him in the OR- we heard him screaming multiple times but he must have fallen back asleep as they said he was very sleepy. He was loopy from morphine and the anestetic. He was quite funny to be around and made everyone laugh. He's doing great- hope that continues after the freezing wears off and he goes into liquid morphine instead
Of the IV. I must say the wait was horrible especially when I could hear him cry. I know in the long run it is going to help immensely and that he needed this surgery. Thankful that he doesn't seem to remember that time or at least hasn't said much except for there being a bug in the room and that made him mad. I'm home with Boo while Monkey-Boo's Daddy is at the hospital with him. He needs to be carried to the bathroom (every few minutes it seems) and since momma didn't get much sleep at all last night I'm not sure that is that safe with me. I hope he sleeps good tonight although when we were discussing that he was going to sleep at the hospital and he asked how he would sleep would they give him the special medicine to go to sleep and we said no you will just snuggle in and go to sleep and he yelled out "MAKE ME GO TO SLEEP!!" 
He's enjoying jello and Popsicles like crazy and is trying to eat more but isn't impressed with hospital food lol
I am so glad the Alberta Children's Hospital and all its staff are so amazing! 


My little man came home yesterday morning and is doing really well- a bit more pain now and had a rough night last night. 
In our excitement to get home we lost his beloved "greenie" blanket :( There have been many tears after I called twice and went back to the hospital with Boo to
Look - retraced our steps and spoke with the staff at the short stay surgery into
We were on and security and no luck :( 
That blankie has been through so much including the surgery, being sick, every night and nap since he attached to it at 9 months old. Greenie will
Never be replaced or forgotten that's for sure and I hope it does still turn up. monkey picked out material for me to make him another blanket and he seems to like it but it's not the same. 
I have decided I want to be like my kids when I grow up- they are smart, have a thirst for knowledge, persistent, resilient, brave, strong, happy, loving, caring determined and cute. That is just some of their awesome qualities 
This is our lost blanket 

And the new one he
Picked material for- minky on the one side and paw patrol for the other 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The wait

Monkey man was a trooper from waking up early to coming in for surgery he was excited. He did ask me once to take the mask off just before he went to sleep. It's definitely different and harder being the parent as opposed to the kid having surgery done. He's been in 2 hours now and the wait is hard. Hopefully soon they will come and tell us how it went and we can see him 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


We went back into casts May 5 and Monkeyman has adjusted beautifully! Other than some itchy times nothing slows my boy down. He runs, jumps, climbs, rides his run bike and everything he did before :) his cast was pretty broken up on the toes. We get people trying to tell him he shouldn't be doing stuff with his cast - playing soccer or climbing at the park because they assume he should be taking it easy because they assume it is broken and not that it is corrective. 
We got a good correction with the first cast and she expects to get a full correction :) 
He went into his second cast today and again did amazing! Such a proud momma of my boy. He will be going for surgery when our doctor is able to do it- that will require a night stay in the hospital which will be an adventure. I found some socks at Walmart that are called Grow socks that fit over his cast perfectly which allows us to go to playgrounds with rocks and not worry about them getting in his cast and causing problems. The only thing is that he has worn through many :) we went with a bigger cast shoe this time so I think that will prevent his cast from getting banged up and his socks wearing out :) 

Here are a few pics of my happy Monkeyman 


Today I took monkey man to get his cast off so that he could have a good bath and get all cleaned up for surgery tomorrow. We walked in the casting clinic and one of the lovely ladies in there says "these guys are my favorites!" My kids are well known for making the mood light and being happy :)
He is a little unsteady, stiff and weak from being in the cast for over a month so walking is a bit more difficult for him but he still wanted to go to the playground.
I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous about the surgery now- I think I was mostly fine until Sunday. I don't think any parent with a child going in for surgery doesn't have a million emotions running through them. I'm trying to not drive myself crazy. We check into the hospital bright and early in the morning and surgery should be fairly early as well as long as there is no emergencies for our dr and team to attend to. I have 110% faith in our Drs and team that Monkey man will be in the best hands and come out just fine but that doesn't stop the worry. Please think of him tomorrow- it will be the longest 1 1/2-2 hours of my life! 


Well Sunday my monkey man turned 4! How did that happen? I'm so lucky to call him my son- he's persistent, determined, funny, silly, chatty, smart and snugly. He had a great birthday and party- he was thrilled with the bouncy house- yes he was able to bounce with his cast on :) he got spoiled by all those who came to celebrate with us. 
He has taught me so much in the past 4 years and I am sure he will teach many more lessons in the years to come. I love my monkey so much! 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Checkup coming

So Monkey will have his 6 month checkup on Monday. Hard to believe it has been 6 months since we put his shoes on for the last time. I'm a little anxious about this appointment. I'm pretty sure we are needing the tendon surgery and with a busy toddler it will be hard on him to be more relaxed while healing. But if my little man has taught me anything it is that he is one strong, determined little boy and he didn't let his casts get in his way when he was little so he won't let it get in his way now if that is what is needed. Only a few more days until we find out but I will be really surprised especially on his right foot as he doesn't walk flat on his foot it is more on the outside edge I'm not the dr though so will wait a few more days and see what she says 


The other mission I am on is to make a lot of the kids summer clothing- especially dresses and skirts for Boo. I do want to do button up skirts and shorts for Monkey as well. These are some of my recent creations and I can't wait to do more 

Helicopter park

We headed into calgary to go to the helicopter playground- it was the first time Monkey and Boo had been on a merry go round in a playground. That was a big hit! They also loved the slides, climbing structures, the hill and grass to run on

Park fun

I am on a mission this summer to go to as many different parks as we can. So far some favorites are the helicopter park and the park in Irricana. Those ones we will have to go back to for sure. I want to keep a photo journal type thing so I can look back and see which ones we want to go to again :)  
Here is the Irricana park- amazing!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Few pics

Halloween 2014

Trying out the dress I made her 

At the zoo

Fall picture

Most recent pic of my little man

Been a long time

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since I have written on here. Things are going good and really busy. Monkey man is going to be 4 in a few months and never slows down!! Boo is 2 and is also very busy! Monkeyman said goodbye to his shoes and bar altogether back on October 1, 2014. It took awhile for him to get used to not wearing them and he actually asked to have them on for awhile after when going to bed. So to all those who thought they bothered him they obviously didn't- he got used to them and it was a big adjustment to go to not wearing them at all. We are coming up to our 6 month post checkup and will see how he is doing without them. I do notice he is walking on the outside of his right foot more although it does stretch just fine into place when we do his stretches. I am going to go into the appointment expecting to be told he needs to have the tendon relocation surgery- will be pleasantly surprised if it turns out otherwise. He is such a smart and funny little man and so determined so I know he will do great no matter what. He is such an active guy- runs everywhere, loves his bike, preschool, playing at parks and play places and anything that has him moving non stop :) He makes friends everywhere we go.
Boo is a little more on the shy side sometimes although she loves to make new friends as well. She is one smart cookie and also loves to stay active.
I do miss the naps they used to have as it seems like they have both dropped them altogether now.
I have to keep this short as this momma needs some sleep but I hope to update sooner than nearly 2 years!