Saturday, 13 June 2015

Doing great!

We finally got to see him 3 1/2 hours after I left him in the OR- we heard him screaming multiple times but he must have fallen back asleep as they said he was very sleepy. He was loopy from morphine and the anestetic. He was quite funny to be around and made everyone laugh. He's doing great- hope that continues after the freezing wears off and he goes into liquid morphine instead
Of the IV. I must say the wait was horrible especially when I could hear him cry. I know in the long run it is going to help immensely and that he needed this surgery. Thankful that he doesn't seem to remember that time or at least hasn't said much except for there being a bug in the room and that made him mad. I'm home with Boo while Monkey-Boo's Daddy is at the hospital with him. He needs to be carried to the bathroom (every few minutes it seems) and since momma didn't get much sleep at all last night I'm not sure that is that safe with me. I hope he sleeps good tonight although when we were discussing that he was going to sleep at the hospital and he asked how he would sleep would they give him the special medicine to go to sleep and we said no you will just snuggle in and go to sleep and he yelled out "MAKE ME GO TO SLEEP!!" 
He's enjoying jello and Popsicles like crazy and is trying to eat more but isn't impressed with hospital food lol
I am so glad the Alberta Children's Hospital and all its staff are so amazing! 

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