Friday, 13 April 2012

First Easter for my 10 month old monkey!

Things have been busy here, the weather has been nice so we have been getting out for nice walks, monkey man loves his new trike!  He is still a go go go kind of boy and does not like sitting still so any travelling is tricky, some times he surprises us and does amazing but then the next time not so much.

Well I'm a bit late but decided to post some pictures of monkey man that I did just before Easter. Taken the day he turned 10 months.

Such a bad mommy this month- his 10 month picture with his stuffed puppy was taken almost a week late.  Oh well he is still 10 months at least!


Not much else to write about- we go back to see Dr.Joughin in a week and a half.  Will need new shoes for sure by then.  It is just a check up to make sure his feet are still looking good after going down to night/naps for wearing his boots/bar.  

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