Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Broken shoes and big news

Well we are headed back to the ACH tomorrow for new shoes. I don't think he needs the next size up yet although he is near outgrowing these ones. The hardware on the left boot is broken- so the shoe wobbles and we need to get them changed before they break completely. Hopefully we can get in and out quickly as we don't have an Appointment- we will just see the nurses to get the new ones. Monkeyman also has ingrown toe nails on his big toes- not a club foot issue- just a baby thing with the nails being so soft. I have a few Tips to try and hope it works. They aren't infected so that is good. I don't think I have mentioned it on the blog but Monkeyman is going to be a big brother in November! We should find out in just over 2 weeks whether we will be embarking on the clubfeet journey again. While I do hope we won't have to it isn't the end of the world if we do. My main concern if we do is the early appointments for castings and having to bring a 17 month old to them and trying to be there for both my babies- the little one while getting casts on and screaming and my big boy if he has a hard time with that. But if we need to do it we will make it through and it will become just another memory like monkeyman's castings already are.


  1. Congratulations! Mine are 15 m apart and I wouldn't have it any other way!