Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One more sleep!

Well tomorrow is the day we should find out if Boo is going to have to go through the clubfeet journey like Monkeyman. I'm nervous but so excited to see Boo again. This pregnancy hasn't been the easiest although it could be far worse as well. I have started feeling a lot of movements in the past few weeks. Monkeyman was a jabber but this one is a dancer- doesn't stop once they start and can go on for hours lol. I love it except when I need sleep :) Monkeyman's toes are looking a lot better but not 100% yet. He has been busy figuring out how to turn around to get down the stairs so now he goes up and down instead of sitting at the top stuck. He loves being a hurricane or tornado- he tears apart a room in a few minutes! He keeps me busy and I love that little man!

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  1. I remember when we found out that our second did not have clubfoot. Honestly, having been through it once, it wouldn't have been a big deal.

    The funny thing was, with #2 NOT having clubfoot, I had to get all new pajamas! Needed feet! lol

    Best of luck tomorrow, look forward to reading your update!