Sunday, 29 January 2012

Before monkey man was born

I will start this journey going back to October 3,2010 when we got the positive pregnancy test! How amazing that was and I will never forget that day! The pregnancy went good even Through the stress of losing my first baby- my baby bear on November 19, 2010. He is missed every day and never forgotten. The sweetest thing happened a few weeks before he passed and I truly believe he knew I was pregnant as he came over to me as I was laying on the floor, put his head under my sweater and kissed my belly! I see it as his kiss to his little brother :) shortly after we lost him we knew our house wasn't a home without a dog and we'd puns our second fur baby Who came home just in time for Christmas this allowed us 6 months to work on training (still working on it) he reminds me so much of fur baby one yet he has his own personality and habits that make him unique, love him so much and lucky to get a second amazing pup! At the end of Jan we went for our 19 week ultrasound and was told in a very unprofessional way(if you haven't heard the story here it is) after getting the images they needed the tech sent me to the change room (aka hall) and DH to the waiting room then proceeded to talk about me using my name for 5 minutes. "no she doesn't know yet but both legs are definitely affected" I remember hearing and thinking WTH is wrong with my baby and why am I finding out here. They came to the hall and told me there alone! I went and told DH it was time to go and told him outside As we took our own vehicles since the pup was still little and DH wasn't allowed in for first while anyways. We were told our baby had bilateral clubfeet but that was it! We went home to google it to see what it meant. Google was a friend in this situation as was going to a different ultrasound place a few days later who were better at explaining what this meant for us and our baby.  We had a meeting with the genetic team as well who after looking at our results from the screening done at 12 weeks said it was most likely a case of isolated congenital talipes equinovarus (clubfeet) and that our baby was unlikely to have any other problems although there was still a slight chance of course that this wouldn't be the case. Of everything we could be told was wrong I am glad it was this- fairly common and correctable. We researched drs and found a great one whom I asked to be referred to. We met Dr.Joughin before baby was born even! Fast forward to June 7,2011 and I became a Momma for the first time to a non fur baby (although he was born with lots of hair! My monkey man!

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