Monday, 30 January 2012

Spoke too soon

Well we were naps/night for a week but today when monkey man was standing at his play table I noticed that he wasn't standing down on his right foot as much as his left and was turning it, in a way favoring it like it is regressing in the correction.  So until he is pulling himself up more he is back in his shoes more full time.  Good thing he doesn't mind at all :)  The right foot has always been the stubborn foot and really it wouldn't surprise us if he needs more surgery on it in the future.  I am guessing he will start pulling himself up more once he has figured out the forward crawling thing as that is what he is working on now the most. That and grinding his teeth- not a sound I enjoy but he does get it from me. Likely we will be going back to ACH next month for new shoes so we will see how he is doing by then and go one day at a time for now.

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