Monday, 30 January 2012

January 2012

January has been a busy month for the little man- he is 7 months old now and getting so big!  Already in 12-18 month clothes and I am thinking I need to get 24 months for sleepers that I need to alter (cut the feet off and hem them). 

Monkey has been teething since he was 3 months but finally on January 20th one popped through!  Followed by number 2 just three days later!  While alot of babies get the two bottom teeth first my man decided to get the bottom left and top left central incisors together.  Have to say this teething thing sucks!  Poor little man is not the best of teethers but not the worst either :)  Right now he is working on the bottom right and top right central incisors.

Monkey man started pulling himself up on his toy table, is working on crawling forward although backwards is so much easier for him, can get himself back up to sit from laying down sometimes and is starting to eat alot more solid foods.  He is loving fruit, frozen mango, will eat his veggies if mixed with a little fruit usually but meats are a no go- until I gave him tiny bits of meat we were eating.  That he will eat but that mashed up stuff?  No way!  Cheese is another favorite these days.  Some days he prefers baby food and other days he prefers cut up stuff.  He likes to keep me guessing!

The other day I put him on the stairs to sit as I was there too and he turned around and crawled down the stairs!  We did that a few times crawling/sliding so that is exciting and scary!  He is just growing up so fast! 

Momma was his first word and while he has been saying it on and off for a month or so there was one night this month that it was a very distinct "momma"  at 5:45 am!  How sweet that was to me even at that time!

I have been doing some baby sign with him and am excited for our class to start in February. We were registered for a play group as well but unfortunately that was cancelled due to low enrollment.  We are doing a baby time at the library now too which he loves!  He loves seeing the other babies, touching the other babies and singing songs and reading books.  Books--- he will sit for so many books!  I think I get tired of reading before he gets tired of them.

He went down to wearing his shoes/bar only at night/naps this month as I mention in a previous post.  Overall he is a happy baby.

Likes- his puppy, daddy, momma, books, moving around, eating, singing
Dislikes- mashed meat, diaper changes, laying still, sitting still

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