Sunday, 29 January 2012

June 7,2011- one of best days of my life

June 7,2011 was an amazing day! My monkey man decided it was time to enter the big world. For a few weeks up to this day I had experienced per labour so I sent DH to work incase it was just another false alarm. After waking from an afternoon nap I knew it was the real thing and DH came home from work arOund 3:00 pm. We played some card games and labored at home for a few hours. Around 6:30 it was time to go to the hospital. We called our amazing doula on the way and let her know we were heading in. We got to the hospital although on the way I did worry we were going too early as some contractions were 5 minutes apart but others were doubled up. We arrived and I had about 8 contractions on the way from the truck to the L&D. They checked and I was 8 cms so DH called our doula to let her know and she made her way in. A couple hours after we arrived at the hospital our beautiful baby boy was born at 10:23 pm weighing 7 pounds 9 oz. I had an amazing team and was able to have the natural birth experience I wanted! Seeing my boy was love at first sight! He was perfect to me. Yes he had bilateral clubfeet just as the ultrasound showed but that doesn't define him or slow him down at all. He is so strong and amazes me daily!

A picture clearly showing his clubfeet


  1. Great shot showing his feet! They wisked Lily away so quick we never really got a good shot of them! He's too cute. :)

  2. Lily got her casts on in the hospital didn't she? This pic was taken at home as we took him for first casts at 6 days- helped to be able to get the pictures showing his feet although I was really taking a picture of the cloth diaper haha

  3. Yeah, she was in NICU, and was casted at less then 2 days old!