Thursday, 2 February 2012

Random thoughts and photo shoot

I have picked up the actual camera again and it sure does feel good!  I have been using my phone to take pictures but just don't like the quality as much!  I want to look into getting in some classes or courses for photography and doing more of it.  Maybe give my boys a break although they are so photogenic :)  I loved when I had the dayhome and had lots of kids to take pictures of.  Two of my favorite things combined what could be better!  I think I am just starting to feel like I need to do more again but am not ready to open the dayhome full time yet either.  I also have always wanted to learn more about the features on my camera and what all it can do for me when it isn't in automatic mode as I have only played with it a bit- sort of overwhelms me really :)  So I hope to find something to learn about that.  I need to figure out if I just want a workshop for now or to go back to school for a few classes. Either way I need to do it for me

Here are a few pics from my photo shoot with monkey man

I took monkey man to the park for the first time and he LOVED it!  He loved going high on the swing and going down the slide all on his own (with me holding him as he went down but not on my lap).  I tried the lap too but he preferred doing it himself- Mr.Independant! I can't believe he will be 8 months next week!  Time flies by!

I can't wait to start the baby sign class- I am really looking forward to doing more with him.  I have seen with other kids how much it helps with them not being so frustrated until they can talk. Plus it will get us out more.



  1. I say try a photography workshop, and if you really like it, take a class. Workshops usually are not as expensive, and a lesser commitment if it is something that you don't enjoy :) Love the pictures! He is getting so big!

  2. I know I will love it either way lol that's the thing the workshops are $100 and a course $250 but at least with a course it could go towards a certificate to get into doing some photography for a part time thing . The workshops are at a better time though so might have to go with that for now while monkey is still little

  3. You're going to make me jealous:) I can't wait till I can take a class like that:) Enjoy doing something for you! LOVE the pics of monkey man!

  4. I found one in March I am contemplating!