Thursday, 23 February 2012

Playing strange

Well today we went to the grade 1 class we visit for Roots of Empathy.  And Monkey man played strange really for the first time.  He has been shy before but he was really clingy there and needed us close by.  I think it was just overwhelming for him since it has been over a month since we were last there and that many kids surrounding you can be a scary thing for anyone especially when they are so much bigger than you and watching your every move :)  He still had fun though and showed the kids his new teeth and crawling skills. 

We got home and pulled in the driveway and could see flowers and a gift bag between our screen door and regular door.  Was very nice to come home to that :)  No indication who it is from although I may have a guess but have been known to be way off before.  Monkey loves his new book and blankie if you happen to be reading this. 

He is now sound asleep in bed although that took awhile since the dog started barking just as he was about to go to sleep.  I think I might go read and make supper instead of excercising today since I am taking today off other than walks as the pup tried to take me out at the dog park last night and my knee is bugging me today so giving it a little break before I get back to it tomorrow. 

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