Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Teething sucks

It's official teething really sucks!  Monkey man has 5 and is getting 3 more and is miserable today.  Whining non stop and very clingy.  Don't get me wrong I am loving the extra snuggles since he is normally a "let me down to go play" kind of kid and not as snugly as he was before he became so mobile but I feel so bad for him that he seems so uncomfortable before the things pop through.  At least we are 5 down and only 15 left to go lol  This morning I tried hylands teething gel, vanilla extract but those did nothing so we went with tempra which helped a bit at least.

I started putting Monkey man's shoes that I bought him for Christmas on his when he is out of the boots/bar to see if that will help his toes clear up as they were bright red/purple yesterday and skinned.  The duo-derm wasn't helping it seemed to be making it worse almost as there was so much moisture trapped under it for so long, airing it out barefoot didn't help either so I thought maybe it is from him crawling and the toes rubbing on the floor plus being in the boots/bar and added pressure on those toes the way he likes to sit on his knees and with crawling and pulling up.  Anyways this morning they look SO much better so I think we will continue putting him in shoes instead of going barefoot.

Well it's time for this Momma to work out while the baby naps.  I have been trying to do at least an hour during the day and then walks on top of that.  If only I could stay away from the chocolate.

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