Sunday, 5 February 2012


We are having unusually warm weather here for the beginning of February and I am loving it!  It is so nice to get outside more.
Today I took monkeyman to the park with a memory card this time :)  He wasn't so sure about the sun glasses so he wasn't his smiley self but he did keep them on and wasn't cranky except for the first few seconds! 

His new thing is to go from hands and knees to sitting, back to hands and knees and back to sitting over and over.  He moves all over the place using this technique.  So far he has only figured out how to do it with his shoes off as he sweeps his legs in a way he can't with the shoes/bar but has almost got it a few times with them so it is only a matter of time.  He is also starting to get more motion going forwards when on his hands and knees.  I will be chasing him more than I already am soon! 

It is hard sometimes to remember that he can have a bath whenever I want- those 13 weeks in casts still have me thinking I can't do it whenever.  He does love his bath- although now he is trying to stand up in it and also ducking his head under to get cloths and toys.

He has 3 teeth now and a fourth on the way- then I am hoping for a break as he has been up alot lately these nights!  And so hard to get back to sleep!

We are also having rubbing issues with the shoes and his big toes have rubbed skin- looks painfull but doesn't seem to bug him I just wish I could get it under control though.  So far nothing we have tried makes it go away.


  1. He has to be the cutest little boy ever! :) I'm thinking rubbing on the toes is just sensitive skin from all the casting and boots he's been in. He's prob going to have to build up some calluses before it goes away! Glad it's not bugging him though. . . He's just so cute! :)

  2. Thanks we decided to keep him :)The toes are only since this new pair of shoes and are looking NASTY! I don't know how it can't hurt him.

  3. Aww, I hope you can figure out something for his toes, that's no fun! So nice that he loves his bath! All 3 of mine went through a stage when they HATED it & it was so nice when they got to enjoy it again:)

  4. So far he always has loved it- hopefully he continues to! On cranky nights it settles him right down before bed.