Sunday, 12 February 2012


Well monkey man has started pulling himself up again which means the crib mattress had to be lowered.  Which in turn means we can't put the monkey down asleep as he just wakes up anyways as we go to lower him into the crib.  A few nights ago (before the mattress was lowered) I broke down in tears in the middle of the night.  All the nights of having to sit up with him for a few hours before being able to successfully put him back to bed got to me.  Am I proud of this moment- not a chance but I can't change the past and I am sure I will have some more emotional moments through my parenting career.  Anyways once the mattress got lowered that was it- our boy would have to learn to go to sleep on his own no matter how hard it is on all of us!  I am not one for letting him cry it out and thankfully it hasn't been his full on freak out crying.  I have learned that I cannot go in the room if he is just fussy- that only makes it worse for him.  Last night was the first night in his "new" crib and I was the one to put him down- was not looking forward to it either let me tell you.  But 1 minute of crying and he was done :)  Such a big guy! 1:11 came and he did his normal wake up but we left him- it wasn't his full out freak out thankfully and would cry and stop and cry again.  1:41- silence - thank you Monkey man!  That beats the sitting rocking for 2 hours. Even if I couldn't get back to sleep at least he was.  He also has been getting up around 7:00 but this morning was 8:00 like it was before the sleep went downhill a few weeks ago.  He also woke up pretty darn happy.
This morning his nap took longer for DH to get him down but here he is zonked out :)  It definately isn't an easy process but the fact that he has been able to go down and put himself to sleep in the past makes me know he can do it. Not a great picture but afraid of waking the baby :)

Monkey man is loving his toy buckets these days

                                                         Great for pulling up onto

                                               And for emptying of toys so he can go in :)


  1. Way to go Monkey Man!!! Lilybear is very proud of you ;) we all are!! :)

  2. It has been so hard! This afternoon we gave up after an hour and a quarter because I figured it wasn't happening and it was getting close to his regular bedtime anyways. Surprisingly he wasn't cranky tonight and went down for night ok. Not looking forward to doing it alone tomorrow

  3. Yay:) Good for you for being persistent! So glad it's getting easier:)