Monday, 20 February 2012


Well for a week or so my monkey man has been full on crawling. Seeing babies crawl online with the shoes/ bar On is one thing but seeing your baby do it is totally different. He amazes me! He is pulling himself up more, doing sit ups when we change him because he really doesn't like laying still, putting himself in sit on his own (although not staying sitting for long before he goes again), he likes To attempt going uP and down the stairs with and without his shoes on! He can get himself where he Wants to go which is so nice that he isn't getting as frustrated anymore with me not being able to figure out what he wants to play with. Watching him play with his puppy is great. He steals the dog's toys as they are much more fun than his own it seems!

It was great today seeing Monkey man play with his cousins as he is starting to become more interactive :)

He is wearing his shoes less now because he is pulling himself up on everything again so standing more often which puts his feet in the correct position.  I do still have them in the shoes probably 18-20 hours a day still just until he is wanting to stand even more.  His big toes are getting worse now with the crawling and the added pressure that puts on them against the shoes so once he is pulling up more he will go down to just naps and hopefully that will help them

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