Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back to night/naps

I thought I had made this post before but turns out I didn't so thought I would do it now.  Last Friday Monkeyman started pulling up on everything again! He woke up and stood up in his crib for the first time and didn't stop all day so hesitantly I took him out of the shoes more. Remember back in January we got the go ahead from his doctor but then after a week I put him back in as it looked like the right foot was turning in a bit and he wasn't pulling himself up as he was too busy figuring out the other things he wanted to learn. The problem with being in them and pulling up is the rounded bottom makes it unsteady and also I have noticed his circulation gets cut off to his feet and legs turn purple when he is sitting on his knees which is the main position he can get himself back up to sitting with them on. By Saturday we went down to night and naps again as he is standing a lot which holds his feet in the correct position. I watch for regression but so far both feet are looking great! I am glad we put him back in when I noticed it and he wasn't standing as much. I think he needed the extra month! I have to make sure he is in the shoes before he gets too tired or he will fight me when I try and put them on but they are just a Part of our going to bed routine and he does fairly well most the time. He can make it difficult some times as he really loves doing sit ups now  whenever I attempt to change him and am not fast enough (which in his mind I should be done in about half a second).  He likes to go go go and that being still thing just isn't for him.  I think he figured out I can stop him from rolling and getting away but it is harder to stop him from doing a sit up as I don't want to pin him down!  Smart little guy he is.

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