Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Peek-a-boo and snow time

Monkey man loves leaning around corners, chairs or anything to play peek-a-boo!  It is so cute.  Today he kept going back and forth around a wall to play with me :)  I am so in love with this little man!

I have been waiting for a day when we have snow on the ground and it is warm enough to go play in it as it has either been too cold or melts before we get out!  Today I took him out and have to say he was not impressed with me.  We always get comments about how he will be a natural at snowboarding because of his shoes/bar but unless he starts liking snow and his snowsuit that won't be the case :) Can you tell how impressed he is with me? He didn't mind the sled though.

Monkey man has been crawling everywhere the last few days but today is getting faster and goes across the room! 


  1. awe, Lilybear and Monkey man have so much in common it's hilarious! She plays peek a boo all the time too. She just puts her face down to the floor, then peeks up with a huuuuge grin! lol!

  2. Ya they do! They would have a blast together!