Thursday, 9 February 2012

8 months- time flies

Well my little man is now 8 months old! I really can't believe it has been that long already. He amazes me everyday with his strength, determination and what he is learning. Just yesterday he began crawling forwards! He has been doing backwards for months and would creep a bit forwards but not much. I was in the kitchen and he was just behind a chair in the living room so I couldn't see him at the moment and I heard a loud bang repeatedly so looked and there he was peaking around the chair! I watched and sure enough he was lifting up one leg throwing it down on the floor and then the other and doing the same with his hands while moving forward! Loudest crawler I have ever heard but that's my boy needs to make sure we notice him at all times! I got pretty excited and he was very proud of himself! Watch out world Monkeyman is on a mission to conquer! I am impressed that he first crawled with the shoes on as I was thinking he would learn in the little bit of shoeless play time he has each day like he did with learning to put himself into sit last week.  He did it with the shoes off only for the first couple days and then found a different way to do it with the boots/bar.  But really it shouldn't surprise me as he did pull to standing with the shoes on first.

A few pics of Monkey on his 8 month birthday!


                                                                       Cool Dude

                                                                        Happy monkey

                Trying to get his usual lay beside the puppy for size comparison was not happening

                                                    Trying to figure out how to open them